Smart sol-fa notation editing + transcription

sol2snd File Types

This page describes the file types supported by sol2snd

Output types

ExtensionTypesol2snd useRemarks
HTMLWeb DocumentFormatted sol-fa
XMLMusicXMLScore format To display staff notation, sol2snd generates a MusicXML file. A MusicXML browser plugin is required to display it in your browser as staff notation. MusicXML is supported by many music notation applications.
Suggested browser plugins:
Myriad Music Plug-In
Sibelius Scorch
MIDMIDI SequenceTune performanceTo play your tune, sol2snd generates a MIDI sequence. Each part in your tune becomes a track in the MIDI sequence. MIDI is widely supported by digital audio production tools and consumer devices.

Input types

ExtensionTypesol2snd useRemarks
TXTText DocumentShorthand sol-fa sol2snd typically takes input on-screen but you may upload a TXT file containing that input. The essential bit is the tune text (Tempo, Key signature and Notes). See a sample sol2snd TXT file.

MID, MIDIMIDI SequenceScore format These score formats can be uploaded to sol2snd for conversion to sol-fa notation.
ABCABC Notation