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sol2snd uses a text-based shorthand that closely resembles sol-fa to generate audio and full notation. Writing rules are reduced to the bare minimum so you can create sol-fa songs and songbooks, write a score in western staff notation, or generate a MIDI sequence in no time.
Learn the sol2snd tune syntax.

Create sol-fa song sheets

No tedious word processing here. Your shorthand input is automatically formatted into full sol-fa notation.

Transcribe to staff notation

Take less time to get your music into western staff notation. sol2snd instantly generates it from the easy-to-write plain text.

Generate MIDI sequences

Make a standalone MIDI sequence that performs your tune. Select from preset percussion styles for accompaniment.

Transcribe to sol-fa notation

Transcribe from other score formats into sol-fa notation. Upload MIDI or ABC files for conversion.

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Do you write for a singing group, arrange for performers, or make tracks for a studio mix? sol2snd was made just for you!

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sol2snd is a sol-fa-based music notation editor with transcription functionality. sol2snd plain text sol-fa notation is simple, quick to write and portable.